Moerdijk Paint & Services operates 2 large, environmentally safe washing rooms, where almost any commercially available machine can be thoroughly cleaned.

Washing room

Both washing rooms are 7.5 meters wide, 7.5 meters high and 40 meters long, so you can imagine that there are few machines that we cannot clean.
After cleaning a machine the washing water is collected into a central water reclaiming unit, and reused when possible or properly disposed of if not.

Meticulous cleaning

Machines are being washed by our professional staff, using warm water jet cleaning. We often take care of machines that are being exported to Australia, were very stringent standards require machines to be truly 100% clean. An independent monitoring agency checks whether we meet these standards or not, but everything we have cleaned so far has passed!

Professional cleaning of machinery is of course a requirement for export, a must when putting a machine up for auction or a preparation for sand blasting. But as a side effect, every now and then when removing dirt and grime, hidden defect are discovered – which we often can repair immediately.

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