In Moerdijk Paint & Services’ high-tech spraying booth, machines are spray painted with primer and topcoat.

Spraying booth

Just like our washing and blast rooms, our spraying booth is very spacious: 7.5 meters high and wide and 30 meters long. We use either airmix or airless spraying systems, in a sealed space with filtered air recirculation – all according to European Standard 2004/42/EG. Safe for our staff, safe for the environment.

Quality paint

When your machine is prepared for auction or if time is short, we use a solid 1 component spray paint system. We can also use an even more durable 2 component spray paint. Especially end users often like to have this very strong and colourfast paint system applied.

But no matter we use, all of Moerdijk Paint & Services paint systems are fast-drying and of superb quality.

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